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One Cup At A Time

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Sometimes the simplest form of change for people, when it comes to diet, is adding a healthier option in ... rather than eliminating something. I suggest smoothies for so many reasons! Here are just a few:

  1. They are filling (because of their water content).

  2. Fruit sugar is perfect substitute for that go-to sweet treat, and works especially well to help stave off those cravings for something sweeter.

  3. They are a simple way to combine fresh fruits and vegetables into an easy-to-prepare, easy-to-consume, good-for-your-gut delight.

    Good food doesn’t have to taste bad ... here is a quick guide to incorporate smoothies into your routines as you transition into healthier eating. ENJOY!!!

Cinna-Berry Smoothie

Cinna-Berry Smoothie

Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Cauliflower and Kale Soup


Recipes & Meal Planning

whole plant-based meals (even your kids will love!)

Our meals depend on our season; as we listen to our bodies, we recognize how our cravings are so closely tied to our surroundings.

Although we try to stay active in the winter months, life slows down and comfort foods fill our plates. During the summer months, we tend to eat right out of the garden and light entrees are just as satisfying.

Listen to your body … it is usually telling you something, especially when it is craving something healthy. If you are craving something salty or something sweet, chances are your body is telling you it is missing a major micro or macro nutrient.


Health is a state of body. Wellness is a being.

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grow it, serve it, eat it

The connection between people and our food is known as Farm to Table. Before our country became so urban, people lived close to, and knew, the people who grew their food. They bought it directly from the farm or from local markets. If a product was tasty and ripe, they knew who was responsible.

But today, many of us have lost this connection with our food. The Farm to Table movement focuses on producing food locally and then transferring that food to local restaurants and homes. When we use only locally produced foods, we know where our food comes from. We re-establish the link between farmers and other people.  Because building a community is actual vital to ANY wellness plan, especially if you are working on a garden together and sharing meals with each other.

Grow your own food in gardens big and small

Grow your own food in gardens big and small

Let’s work together!

Let’s work together!



growth. personally.

Ever had to the opportunity to work alongside someone, but realize soon after that it is not the best fit?

I offer an experience so that together we can explore working together before actually partnering with one another for the long haul. The coaching practice is ultimately an agreement, so it’s important we both experience what it would look like to work together before we both decide to move forward.

So … let’s learn about each other!

I met Heather years ago at a Chili cook off. I was invited by a mutual friend and little did I know that 10 years later we would reconnect. I posted a cry for help on Facebook, where all mother’s go for help. I had just had my third baby and no one was sleeping. Heather came to my rescue, with Lavender. Learning more about a healthy lifestyle was always on my list of things to do, no better time than when your 3 children aren’t sleeping. Not only did she drive 45 minutes out of her way to help me get a little sleep, but she answered SO MANY QUESTIONS! Day and night she was there for me to help me navigate this journey. I had no idea that 2 years later she would again be answering all the questions and helping me navigate my homeschooling journey. When you have someone walking with you in your journey holding your hand and caring you when you want to give up it makes it so much easier when you feel brave enough to take your first step; knowing that you are never alone.
— Beth Smith