Farm To Table


what is farm-to-table, and why is it important?

The connection between people and our food is known as Farm to Table. Before our country became so urban, people lived close to, and knew, the people who grew their food. They bought it directly from the farm or from local markets. If a product was tasty and ripe, they knew who was responsible.

But today, many of us have lost this connection with our food. The Farm to Table movement focuses on producing food locally and then transferring that food to local restaurants and homes. When we use only locally produced foods, we know where our food comes from. We re-establish the link between farmers and other people.  Because building a community is actual vital to ANY wellness plan, especially if you are working on a garden together and sharing meals with each other.

One way that you can engage more with your food and the farmers that grow it is to shop at a farmers’ market.

Establish your own garden, maybe throw some extra seeds to share with friends, family, or neighbors.

Take part in community supported agriculture, or CSA. This way, if you cannot afford to travel to a farmers’ market or to the farm itself, you can pick up locally grown food at a convenient drop-off point.