My Chemical-Free Daily Routine

Wake up, and scrap my tongue, brush teeth (onguard toothpaste), and gargle with onguard mouthwash. I dry brush with oils according to the season, patchouli and sandalwood are favorites and shower. I use doterra’s sulfate free shampoo on my hair. I wash my face with the basic face line, but alternate between the scrub and cleansing wash.  I love the bath bar, since it is moisturizing and not drying and use daily. Also, found coconut oil a easy replacement for shaving cream.

After the shower I apply either, Frankinsence, blue tansy or yarrow pom with the tightening serum.

Use either the beautiful or balance deoderant from doterra, I love that it is aluminum free... and natural... that actually works/

Get kids up and ready diffusers are run with wild orange and peppermint, for actiona nd promtping good moods. I apply a roller bottle blend ( onguard) on my kids feet as they get dressed. I also use a “focus” blend  (intune) as we settle in for schooling it is great for enhancing a healthy thought process throughout the day.

Turn on diffuser. I use a diffuser daily but let the kiddos decide on the blends we add. In the morning I like to diffuse citrus oils, which is a very uplifting blend that smells delicious.

Morning supplements. I take a wholefood multi vitamin and vegan blend of omegas and different essential oils in the morning. I add the terragreens to my morning smoothie for extra intake of fruits and veggies.

Throughout the day. I drink water a lot throughout my day and most the time I add lemon or grapefruit essential oil to it. Lemon helps to assist in riding your body of toxins and it tastes so good too! I also use grapefruit interchangeably, since it helps to support healthy levels of progesterone.


At night and for bedtime. My kids love their nightly oil routine. Some nights they get a detox bath using whatever oils I feel like putting in there. When they get out of the tub, they each get Lavender on their feet. We used frankincense and melaleuca to knock out irritated skin and use that as needed. I apply serenity on the back of their neck, down their spine to promote a calm body! When the kids are in bed I like to diffuse breathe and lavender sit with a book and maybe some tea, trying to turn off screens 30 minutes before bedtime.

That’s it! Like I said above, we adjust this when there are things going on that we need to relieve with oils.


Do you want to include essential oils into your routine or your children’s? I recommend taking it one step at a time. Slowly get rid of one item, like your face wash, and try my method! You will not be sorry!

Heather O'Meara